Thursday, September 19, 2013

close to the Glass

Anyway, he got really close to the Glass and my friends helped me translate what he was asking. He was trying to figure out how it worked and was fascinated that you could get the internet to work on it. He then asked to try them on, and he loved them! He spent several minutes playing with the menus and even said, “Okay Glass, take a picture,” which it did (amazingly, even though his accent was rather thick!) While he was smiling the whole time, he was also trying to say a bunch of different things because he was mesmerized by the idea that you could talk to it! Everyone had a really good time and we were all laughing. For some reason, when he tried to speak English, he sounded exactly like Borat. So that was my only interaction with the government-machine complex. Other than that, all my interactions were with the rest of the Chinese population. Glass shot: Some of the least pollution was outside of the city. About two hours north of Beijing, I found this winery (!!) with this rather European-looking castle. A girl was walking to her wedding so I grabbed a quick shot.

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